What's an ARRF?

ARRF is an acronym that arose from the idea of using our dog as a logo, and then incorporating all of my family's first names... also, dog's say, "ARRF"! :-)

Who Am I?

Randy's AvatarsMy name is Randy Ford. I worked for the Art Production Company, Chrishawn Associates for 13 years; working my way up the ranks from paper-making to silk screening, mounting dept., art assistant and finally Asst. Art Director.

After leaving for health reasons in 1998, I began spending my days tinkering around more and more on the computer, designing Web sites for friends and family, creating Flash animations for online birthday invitations, photo memory DVD's for special occasions and discovering through trial-and-error how to do literally everything else that you will find on this site.

So, What Do I Do?

I guess I have two claims-to-fame online as of now. The first is my "Numa Numa is Everywhere" video that I made after I saw the original Numa Numa Dance by Gary Brolsma and realized that it truly was everywhere!
View it here on Newgrounds where I first uploaded it on 3/15/05 or here on YouTube (uploaded on 11/06/05).

My second claim to fame can been seen on my video page where one of my video entries won $10,000 in the "New Numa Numa" contest from newnuma.com!

I'm a very eclectic person; I like too many different things to ever settle on doing just one of them for long periods of time. I think that's why I like computers so much! Open up your favorite desktop publishing software and type a short story ... work on a Web site ... create a movie to either put on YouTube or for someone special ... or just play some games!

Avatar Links

The picture of me above is a collection of several avatars I've made of myself over the years. If you want to make any for yourself (of yourself of course) here are all the links in order as they're shown in my animation.

South Park

Lego Mini-Mizer

Made with a Yahoo account

Lego Mini-Mizer 3.0

Avatar Head

Mii made on a Wii

Become an M-n-M

Doppel Me

Mr Picasso Head